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FUTUREXECS ACCELERATORS are a series of single-day, cohort-based, functionally-targeted programs that enable senior leaders, recruiters, business development professionals, and hiring managers at firms of all sizes to quickly build real relationships with and coach their industry's most sought-after rising stars and future executives.

The Futurexecs Advantage

Networking isn’t a contest to see who has the most online ‘connections’– it’s when elite professionals meet face-to-face with influential industry insiders and build lasting, transformative relationships that move their careers and organizations forward.

Discover the Benefits of Futurexecs.

  • Expand Your Circle:

    Futurexecs is the fastest, most effective, & discreet way to build or reboot your network of influential industry insiders and peers who don't
    work at your current company.

  • Networking The Right Way:

    It's a low-pressure, hyper-efficient way to explore and discover dozens of new companies and opportunities that you'd never come across or consider in your day-to-day life.

  • Build Trust & Loyalty:

    Become the ‘go- to’ recruiter by discovering exactly who your hiring managers are seeking by evaluating talent in-person, with them.

  • Lure Away The Best:

    Elite recruiters don’t pass up a target rich group so why not warm up some talent with a smile and have a shared experience– while your competition is stuck at home jamming out inMails?

  • Go Beyond the Profile:

    Anyone can craft a great resume and game interviews– so why not use your AI (actual intelligence), look beyond the BS & uncover the ‘diamonds in the rough’?’

  • Create Buzz:

    The best way to sell your company and make the possibility of working with you irresistible is face-to- face, not online – right?

2020 Accelerators

More To Be Announced Soon.

August 15 2020

Brand Marketing Leaders

Career AcceleratoR
October 17 2020

Corporate Finance Leaders

Career AcceleratoR

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