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June 1, 2020

Nick Siler, VP of Innovation for Richardson's Confections joins us for a fascinating discussion about a highly-unconventional, yet very cool Senior Brand Manager of Startups role he has open on his team.

Nick Siler
VP, Innovation
Richardson's Confections
(Hiring Manager)

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Job Description

JOB TITLE: Senior Brand Manager of Startups

LOCATION: Cleveland or Remote for Right Person

The Senior Brand Manager of Startups is responsible for launching revolutionary new products using confections as a delivery platform both internally and by sourcing investments and acquisition opportunities. Equity is included as part of the compensation.

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Position Functions and Scope:
• Serve as one of two innovation and startup brand managers, operating as the right hand person for the VP of Innovation in order to breathe new life into the company and position it as a leader in confections as well as other categories – using confections as a platform for benefit delivery.



• Create and manage brand innovation strategies, including multi-year platforms
• Present strategies to senior leadership to gain buy-in and cross-functional resources
• Engage with senior brand marketing team to develop innovation strategies for their brands’ Innovation goals
• Develop and manage multiple complex innovation projects and acquisitions
• Leader of agile Innovation teams that drive all aspects of new product platforms, as well as the broader, cross-functional organizational effort to meet initial goals & timelines
• Help accelerate implementation of the "Lean Startup" operating model that will support the launch of new platforms
• Responsible for taking innovation initiatives from early concept through to launch – including ownership
• Leverage research (historical, secondary) and insights (consumer and supplier research, trends) to identify and define Innovation opportunities
• Lead all M&A activity including identifying investment and acquisition opportunities and build relationships with private equity, accelerators, and VC


• Own all P&L line items for the new brands, sub-brands and platforms they create, evaluating alternate marketing plans, pricing strategies, and trade programs in order to meet financial launch hurdles and deliver optimum enterprise value
• Manage the budget for innovation platform development and new item launch support
• Do you like to make money? Good, we’ll get along.

Qualifications:Read these but note that if you don’t meet all requirements but do have most of them – apply anyway.

• In order to be successful, you will be a super-effective professional who is creative,proactive and results-oriented.  This is very much a hands-on position, so you must be comfortable working on a project-level one-minute and on a strategic, executive-level the next.   You should be known for your ability to manage a formidable team, to figure out ways to help them flourish and to bring an additive perspective. 
• You are comfortable applying qualitative and quantitative research methods along with rigorous A/B testing to arrive at strong hypotheses that will advance the business.  You are also adept at balancing a portfolio of bigger and smaller bets across a product team. 
• As a high-level manager, we seek a strong internal and external communicator, someone who can effectively connect with the best of the investment community,startups, and, perhaps most importantly, with partners from around the world.  A high global IQ is mandatory.  We also want a curious individual who is ready to contribute and debate on the strategic issues that Richardson’s confronts.  A strong interest in candy/food is a plus.     

• Finally, you must be hungry for success and to want to build new businesses. We don’t mail it in just for a paycheck here.


• BS/BA required; MBA in Marketing or related field preferred
• Consumer Goods Experience Required
• 6-10 years' experience in innovation and/or marketing, or you have run a successful startup – either as a founder or key contributor.
• Possesses a strong passion for Innovation and a unique combination of soft (highly creative, curious, close to rapidly changing trends) and hard(general management orientation, highly strategic, financially sound) that define successful Innovation leaders. 


• You might not have heard of us, but be assured that we hire the best people and our compensation is commensurate – including varying levels of equity ownership and profit-sharing – something you won’t get everywhere.
• Comprehensive benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401(k).       
• Agencies and 3rd parties, ok.

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